Paris - Louvre

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Paris - The Louvre

6.5/8.0 You don’t need to be an art expert to appreciate the art works that are contained in the Musee du Louvre. You do need a good pair of walking shoes, however. This place is HUGE.

The Louvre is broken up into sections within four floors. These sections include Greek Art, Medieval Art, English Painters, Italian Renaissance and Left-handed French Impressionist Painters Named ‘Guy’.

The most famous work in here is of course, the Mona Lisa. Every one sees it. I saw it, you’ll see it. However, there are so many more works of art here that are incredible. It’s a good idea to brush up on your art history. That way, when you see “The Raft of the Medusa” (Géricault), you won’t be wondering which one she is on the life boat. You’ll know it was the ship that sank.

You’ll also know that the painting, “The Man in the Golden Helmet,” is purported to be not a Rembrandt anymore (“Living with Art,” Gilbert/McCarter, Alfred A Knopf, Inc. 2nd ed., p.35), even though it’s shown with his works .

What surprised me the most was how big the works themselves actually are. Interestingly, photographs (no flash) are allowed here.

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Overview of Louvre
(Photo by EMan Apr-1999)

My Lisa

Mona Lisa
(Photo by EMan Apr-1999)

I swear that’s not my flash on the wall. And yes, there’s a clear, protective wall in front of it to protect it from the throng (as well as those with unscrupulous intent, I imagine).

The painting above, “Portrait of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo,” is probably the Louvre’s most famous painting (note: her first name is not ’Mona’).

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Venus Rising

Venus of Milo

Just as famous as the Mona Lisa is Venus de Milo, seen here in the distance.

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(Photo by EMan Apr-1999)

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