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Any One for Spin?

Real Roundels
(photo by Cargirl Jun-1998)

EVG's Prop Leave it to Cargirl to take a picture of an airplane engine in a car museum. But then, BMW is more than cars, isn’t it? It’s been making airplane engines and motorcycles for some time. Remember -- the Roundel is a really, really fast propeller.

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BMW 2002 Turbo

2002 Turbo
(photo Cargirl Jun-1998)

Yes, there are cars in this museum, too. Here’s a 2002 Turbo. You may notice that it is suspended on a curving wall. That’s the “bowl,” the wall of the museum.

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Go! Go! Go!

BMW 320i Race Car
(photo Cargirl Jun-1998)

Finally, a racing 320 for Cargirl. There are obviously more cars here, such as a Z1 or Z3, as well as motorcycles (they were preparing their 75th anniversary of their motorcycles when we were there). You’ll have to come visit to check everything out.

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