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Any One for 10-Pin?

The Pin / Bowl

(photo by EMan Jun-1998)

The view is from the front of the Four Cylinder building next to the museum. As you can see, it’s bowl-like in shape, much like my favorite haircut that I used to get in the 1970s.

The bowl shape makes it an interesting display. You wind yourself UP the side of the bowl as you see the displays, all the way to the top.

The tower in the back ground is the Olympia Tower, with it’s rotating restaurant. The food was pricey but good (which typically do not correlate).

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In The Spotlight

To The Batmobile!
(photo by EMan Jun-1998)

Here is Cargirl when she isn’t out fighting crime while wearing tights and a cape. She’s standing next to a BMW 507. Which is prettier? Which is less maintenance? Being the Enormous Wimp that I am, I’m not going there...

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