Der Nürburgring

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Welcome To Die Grüne Hölle

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The Old North Loop

I think it is Jackie Stewart that is credited for giving this track its name, the Green Hell. Why? Probably because so many racers have had accidents (or gotten killed) there. This race track is amazing. How many other race tracks in the world shop up on maps of the country where it is located!? Not just a dot indicating where the track is, but the actual shape of the track itself!

Okay—so what’s here? How about videos, for starters. Going to the videos page will list 11 different videos with commentaries of a “leisurely” Easter drive around the Ring. These may be big (~2 MB each) if you don’t have broadband (cable modem/DSL).

The other links are just pictures and general information about the Nürburgring. Enjoy!

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