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This is the Generic Travel Stuff linking page. But don’t blame me if you get lost, or have a bad experience based on any site on this page. Remember - I’m clueless.

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Germany: The Rough Guide
This is from one of those travel books, which probably has more interesting (and accurate) information than what I have.

Regensburg, Germany
Surprisingly, my city here in Germany has a Web site (it seems most cities here do, too). There’s interesting tidbits in here, and some of it is in English. Look for the small British flag.

It’s probably the most famous castle / palace in Germany. Of course, I never heard of it until I came to Germany. I must have missed that episode on the Discovery Channel.

Eagle’s Nest Tours
This link is for Berchtesgaden, and specifically for the Eagle’s Nest tours. The owner is David Harper, the same one that wrote the book on Berchtesgaden that I quote in the Travel section.

HORIZONTE - Some Facts About Regensburgnew
The title says it all.

Another travel/tourism webpage on Regensburg -- in German.

Drive Europenew
Accomodations Germany and Europe, Regensburg city information, guides, hotels, links, reservations, tours, travels, vacations.

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Uhh....hmmm.... let’s see.... well, okay. Here’s one:

Michigan’s Internet SuperStation
It’s better than nothing.

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Interesting Odds & Ends

EMan’s Euro Exchange Rates
I’ve compiled the exchange rates for various currencies that have switched to the euro (€). If you’re interested in more information about the euro, please read my Left Lane article on the subject.

AltaVista: Translations
This site will translate a webpage from English to another language, or vice versa. That’s VERY cool.

Northwest Airlines WorldWeb Travel Center Homepage
The airlines I love to hate. Unfortunately, they Detroit is one of their hubs, and I have a lot of miles with them.

CIA World Factbooknew
See what my government has to say about everyone else.

Foreign Exchange Ratenew
World currency.

More money info.

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