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Hotel Disclaimer

I’m not making any recommendations per se, I’m just letting you know what’s available, and how much it costs for a few cities. The prices have probably changed, or are seasonal, so call to confirm. It’s probably a good idea to get a guide book, or check out some websites like allexperts.com, or Germany: The Rough Guide. I mean, come on-- I can’t stay in all of the hotels and report on them. Be happy something’s here. Good luck, and you’re on your own! (Caveat Surfer, or something like that.)

~The E Man-agement
Germany: [Berchtesgaden] [Füssen] [Munich] [Nürburgring] [Regensburg] [Stuttgart] [Würzburg]
France: [Paris]
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I just put this Euro Exchange rate table together (16-Apr-2002). Please use it as reference when checking the prices below.

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Dialing Telephone Numbers

The numbers here have a city code in parenthesis ( ), equivalent to the US area code.

Dailing from Germany:

Dial the number as you see it:

eg. (09 41) xx xx xx
Dial: 09 41 xx xx xx

Dialing from the USA:

Use the international code (011), the country code, and drop the zero from the city code.

eg. (09 41) xx xx xx
Dial: 011 49 941 xx xx xx

Country Codes:

01 - United States / Canada
31 - Netherlands
33 - France (dialing Paris is screwy -- I think you have to add ’1’ after the 33)
34 - Spain
39 - Italy
40 - Romania
41 - Switzerland
42 - The Czech Republic
43 - Austria
44 - United Kingdom
45 - Denmark
46 - Sweden
49 - Germany

Dialing TO the USA:

Once you’re in Europe, to dial the US, use the following:

00 1 810 xxx-xxxx, where

1 is the US country code, 810 is the area code, and the rest is the phone number.

Dialing to other European countries:

Once you’re in Europe, to dial other countries, use the following:

00 44 1268 xxx-xxxx, where

44 is the country code, 1268 is the area code, and the rest is the phone number.

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Click for Picture Click for Map Hotel Floriani: This wasn’t in the old or center part of town, but it was nice anyways -- like a bed and breakfast (maybe it was -- I dunno). The hosts were extremely helpful, but try to remember the house rules for breakfast, etc., if you can.

Shower, breakfast, small parking area (aren’t they all?). Proprietors are Wilfred and Ursula Conserti.

Address:  Königsseer Straße 37, 83471 Berchtesgaden
Phone:  (0 86 52) 6 60 11   Fax (0 86 52) 6 34 53
Cost:  We paid 50 DM per person per night for a three-bedroom “suite”
(August 1998)

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Hotel Zum Hecten: I stayed here one night to see the Neuschwanstein castle. It’s located in the old part of Füssen, which is about 10-15 minutes away from the castle. It was tricky getting here, since one of the roads you have to take into the city is labeled as a pedestrian zone! I asked for directions in broken Germglish and somehow found it.

This is a very touristy hotel, as most of the hotels in this area feed the frenzy at Neuschwanstein.

There is also a kiosk near their information center which shows other hotels in Füssen.

Shower, bath, TV, breakfast, small parking courtyard. Proprietors Pfeiffer-Tramp

Address:  Ritterstrasse 6, 87629 Füssen
Phone:  (08362) 9 16 00   Fax (08362) 91 60 99
Cost:  Double room - DM 125
(June 1998)

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Munich (München)

Hotel International: This is where I stayed in Munich for the Nürburgring driving school. The hotel is typical medium-to-high price range. The best part is it’s just one block from Leopoldstrasse, the hip drag in Munich. It’s the place to see or be seen if you’re cool. But if you’re like me, they’ll allow you on the Straße if chaperoned by a cool friend.

Shower (no curtains!), bath (sometimes), TV, breakfast, (small) underground garage at hotel.

Address:  Hohenzollernstrasse 9, D-80801 München
Phone:  (089) 39 80 01  Fax: (089) 39 80 06
Cost:  Double Room DM 170 w/breakfast
(June 1998)

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Brochure Photo Click for Map Hotel Zur Burg: I seem to always end up staying here, for whatever reason. The rooms are nice, and the breakfast is traditional. And you can see Frau Daniel’s parrot, or some other large bird of prey that they have. It is located within the town of Nürburg.

60 beds, with bathroom, shower, balcony, telephone, TV, sauna, sunroom. Proprietors are the Daniels.

Address:  Burgstraße 4, 53520 Nürburg
Phone:  (026 91) 75 75  Fax: (026 91) 77 11
Cost:  Single Room DM 100 w/breakfast (rate during Nürburgring driving school in June 1998)

Hotel Dorint Click for Map Dorint Hotel am Nürburgring: This is the big hotel at the Nürburgring. It is right on the Grand Prix track. You could watch a race from your window if your room faced the track. I haven’t stayed here because it’s too expensive for me, and, uh, because I haven’t. Simple as that.

Underground parking garage, conference rooms, etc.

Address:  Grand Prix Strecke (track), D-53520 Nürburg
Phone:  (026 91) 3 09 0  Fax: (026 91) 30 94 60
Cost:  Single Room DM 420 - 450
Double Room DM 500 - 550
Luxury Suite DM 2,110
(1998 rates)

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Brochure picture Map to St. Germain Hôtel Saint Germain des Prés: I didn’t stay here, but I’m including it because I like the name, and the lobby looked really cool. It was a bit in the old style, with a rich wood interior. It’s in the Rive Gauche (or is that Droit? I get left and right mixed up all the time) area.

30 guest rooms including 2 suites, bathroom, hair dryer, TV, mini-bar, air conditioning. Covered parking two minutes away.

Address:  36, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
Phone:  (1)   Fax(1) or (1)
Cost:  Double bed w/shower (Grand lit douche) - 880 F
Twin bath (?) (2 lits bain) - 970 F
(1998 rates)

Map to Hotel Mercure Hotel Mercure - Porte de Versailles: This is located across from the Exposition Hall whre they hold the auto show. Metro #12 is just outside the door. It’s modern and a bit expensive because of its location.

91 guest rooms, bathroom, TV, cable, mini-bar, air conditioning, laundry service. There’s a teeny, tiny underground garage that leads to the lobby. If it’s full, then I think you park outside. Yikes!

Address:  69, boulevard Victor - 75015 Paris
E-mail:  H1131@accor-hotels.com
Web site:  www.mercure.com
Phone:  01 44 19 03 03   Fax: 01 48 28 22 11 (the 01 is for Paris. I think.)
Toll Free:  USA (800) Mercure || GERMANY (0130) 82 64 64 (reservations)
Cost:  I paid about 900 Fr/night for a double room (Apr 1999)

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Park Hotel Maximilian: The “Max,” as we affectionally call it, is one of the hotels where we stay for business trips to Regensburg. It’s nice, but pricey. It is located at the edge of the old town, and it has limited parking in its underground garage. The rooms are nice, although you have to remember this is an old hotel. Most importantly, there’s a McDonald’s across the street.

Breakfast, shower, TV, underground parking (not really free).

Address:  Maximilianstraße 28, D-93047 Regensburg
Phone:  (0941) 5 68 50  Fax: (0941) 5 29 42
Cost:  DM200/night (double? single?)

Marriott Courtyard: The Courtyard, formerly the Ramada Hotel, is the other place where we stay in town for work. It’s also pricey, but it’s right next to the autobahn (A93), and has more parking than the Max. It is also a 15-20 minute walk to get to the old city.

118 Guest rooms, shower, bath, TV, cable, breakfast, restaurant, bicycle rentals, sauna, (small) exercise room, private parking.

Address:  Frankenstrasse/Bamberger Strasse 28, 93059 Regensburg
Web site:  www.courtyard.com
Phone:  (0941) 8 10 10  Fax: (0941) 8 40 47
Toll Free:  USA (800) 321 22 11 || GERMANY (0130) 85 44 22 (reservations)
Cost:  DM200/night (double? single?)

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Hotel Wörtz zur Weinsteige: It doesn’t seem very big, but it’s certainly interesting. It looks like it used to be a really big house, and now it’s a hotel. It’s very quaint, and it has a small parking lot. It is located inside the city of Stuttgart (near a U-bahn U7 stop). While there’s nothing terribly scenic around the hotel, it is closer to the Mercedes museum than Hotel Mercure below.

45 beds, restaurant, TV, shower, balcony (well, we had one).

Address:  Hohenheimer Straße 28 - 30, 70184 Stuttgart
Phone:  (07 11) 2 36 70 00   Fax (07 11) 2 36 70 07

mercure map Hotel Mercure: This is located in kind of an industrial park next to the autobahn north of Stuttgart (so it’s not really in Stuttgart). It’s petty close to the Porsche factory/museum (10 min). This is the type of hotel that caters to business travellers from overseas. There’s lots of parking, but I can see this hotel getting full from business travellers.

Lots of rooms, TV, shower, restaurant, etc.

Address:  Siemenstraße 50, D-70825 Korntal-Münchingen
Phone:  (0 71 50) 1 30 (that’s what it says)   Fax (0 71 50) 1 32 66
Cost:  Single - DM 100 (it was a special that week - probably because it was slow.)
(Aug 1998)

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Click for Picture Click for Map Hotel Da Franco & Giacinta: Da Franco is located south of Verona, by the A22 autostrada. It is about 20 minutes from the center of town. I liked Da Franco because it was modern and it was right off of the autostrada. It’s about one hour north of Maranello (Ferrari). It’s also not too far from Lago di Garda (a nice resort lake -- also very nice).

Note that a lot of truckers stop here (it’s off the autostrada, remember), so it can fill up even on weeknights. They have many rooms, but call ahead for reservations.

Shower, tv, restaurant, reception room.

Address:  Via S. Leonardo, 13/a
Pradelle di Nogarale Rocca (Vr) ITALY
uscita (exit) Autobrennero 100 mt. (Nogarole Rocca)
Phone:  (045) 7925214  Fax: (045) 7925525
Cost:  Single room - 60,000 Lira
Double room - 100,000 Lira
Breakfast - 10,000 Lira
(June 1999)

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Hotel Kranen Hotel Kranen Map Hotel Alter Kranen: This was located right on the river Main (the same one which flows through Frankfurt), across from the castle on the hill. It is in the old part of town, even though that’s a misnomer. Much of the old city was destroyed in the war, so it’s more modern than most.

Shower, TV, breakfast.

Address:  Kärrnergasse 11, D-97070 Würzburg
Phone:  (09 31) 35 18-0  Fax: (09 31) 5 00 10
Cost:  Single room - DM 115
Double room - DM 140 - 150
Breakfast - DM 30
(November 1998)

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Germany: [Berchtesgaden] [Füssen] [Munich] [Nürburgring] [Regensburg] [Stuttgart] [Würzburg]
France: [Paris]
Italy: [Verona]

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