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Page updated: February 2, 2002

An American Porsche In Paris

Eiffel and the 944
(photo by: EMan Apr-99)

Yes, that’s my filthy car after surviving a leisurely, terror-filled drive down the Champs Élysées. After that, we got out of Dodge as fast as we could...

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Chambre d’Hôte

Horse and Porsche
(photo by: EMan Apr-99)

... and eventually stopped at this bed and breakfast (chambre d’hôte) someplace in BF France. As my first bed and breakfast anywhere, it was so quaint that I almost had to rebuild the transmission right then and there to keep my car sense intact.

(The car is half-hidden because it was filthy, and inexplicably, they wouldn’t let me wash it in their courtyard.)

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Vingt-Quatre Heures du Mans

The Road to Le Mans
(photo by: EMan Apr-99)

I may never make it here as a race car driver, but then again, you can never tell what the future holds.

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