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My friend (the Bavarian Babe's mom) describes my pictures this way: “landscape, car, car, landscape + car,...”

My reply is always: “And your point is ...?” Hey-- maybe the only diference between Ansel Adams and me is that I have a 944. And that he has talent (no-- not the Diamond-Star product, the Eagle Talon).

And in case you care, I just use a plain, simple Olympus point-and-shoot camera for my photos. So, without further ado, here are pictures of landscapes, cars, and landscapes with cars.

The Rock
(photo by: EMan 7/95)

Through some unknown force, I felt compelled to come to Devil’s Tower. This was right after I made a model of this rock out of old BF Goodrich R1 tires and mashed potatoes. (Then there’s this tune I can’t get out of my head, and this urge to watch all of Steven Spielberg’s movies.)

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No Mad Cows Here

Mooving Violation
(photo by: EMan 7/95)

These “Cattle Xing” signs are apparently a problem around the Yellowstone area. Luckily, the locals are able to keep them in check with easily accessible hand guns, as the bullet holes can attest, thus keeping our highways safe from these yellow menace.

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On Top Of The World

Rocky Mountain High
(photo by: EMan 6/97)

So boys and girls, can you guess which fool didn’t realize there was a speed limit up Pike’s Peak and tried to go up as fast as he could, and in the process ran the engine pretty hot? I know you can....

(It still took me over 30 minutes to make it up here in June. Rod Millen’s record for this little 14,110-foot hill, at the time I’m writing this, is 10 minutes 04 seconds.)

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Rock On Regardless

Parking Verboten
(photo by: EMan 6/97)

I’m pretty sure that in Germany, I would have gotten a parking ticket for stopping nearly at the top of Pike’s Peak.

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