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Das Porsche Links

All of my Porsche-related links are on this page. To see all of my links, please go to my Linking Page. The main linking page includes my other cars, travel, etc.

Some of these links are probably gone, as Porsche cracked down on a lot of websites that used the Porsche name before the end of the millenium. I check a few out once in a while to make sure they are still valid, but I can’t do it with everyone.

Clicking on a link should open a new window. Simply close that window to return to my site. To recommend links or to tell me of any dead links, please send me an e-mail at:

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Porsche Enthusiasts

Mostly 944

Bill's Porsche 944 Site
“All about the Porsche 944 - tech info, specs, images, links, and more. Like the story of me driving my first 944 over a cliff (oops).”

Porsche Technical Reference
Technical information on the 944.

The 924/944/968 Frequently Asked Questions Page
I think this is maintained by PorscheFans.

Farzaan Kassam’s Dyno Day (Dead Link: 1-Oct-99)
What's the best chip to use for your turbo? These guys tried to figure it out on a dyno.

Since this link is dead, I’ll spoil the ending and give the results. The best chip was the Turbo cup chip, followed by the Autothority chip. However, there were caveats to these rankings.

Welcome at Danny´s Porsche 944/924 Garage. Please come in!
A pretty good site from Austria. It’s even written in English.

Dave’s Garage
I just felt like adding this one. It’s a bit more than just a Porsche.

General Porsche

The Complete WWW Porsche Home
“The biggest Porsche site in the world. Period.” (Their words, not mine -- EMan)
(Sometimes this site just disappears on me. I’ll keep it on the list for now)

550 Spyder
A site on the 550 Spyder.

Welcome to Redline Online (currently MIA)
An enthusiast’s Porsche Newsletter/website. Plus, he has pictures of my car!


Porsche Club of America
This happens to be the largest of the Porsche car clubs, but is certainly not the only one out there.

Rally Sport Region (PCA)
My local region.

Benvinguts al Club Porsche Catalunya
Spanish Porsche Club Web Site. This has many intereting animated GIFs to explain what goes on with your car. It's very entertaining, and it’s (mostly) in English.

Porsche Net Europe
A Porsche site in Europe.

Rally Sport Member’s Sites:

Fastcat Racing Team - Roger Garrell
Welcome to SilkDesignes, Inc. - Gary Bowden (former RSR Webmeister)
924 Garage - Vaughn Scott (current RSR Webmeister)

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Porsche-Related Stores / Shops

I do not make any recommendations by listing these sites here. I provide then for reference only. (Is that a cop-out or what?)

928 International
928 parts.specialists.

Automobile Atlanta
Specializing in 914, 924 and 944. And it's not in Atlanta. Try Marietta, Georgia.

Porsche mail order in Sunnyvale, California.

Again, parts for the 928.

OG Racing
They’re not strictly for Porsches (they do BMWs, too, for example), but I’ve had good experiences buying stuff from them, like my rollbar.

Performance Plus
An upgrade place that I found on the web. I think this is linked to their brakes area.

Performance Products
Porsche (and Toyota, I believe) mail order in Van Nuys, California.

Porsche High Performance Parts by Huntley Racing
Huntley Racing is in California, with many products for the 944 Turbo.

Another site for Porsche performance upgrades. PowerHaus is in Tempe, Arizona.

I think this link is to the 944 page, but they have performance upgrades for Porsches in general. Windward is located in Putney, Vermont.

Advanced Racing Technologies, Inc.
A high-techish race shop in New York. They have some Porsche items, but not really for the 944.

And Even More Stuff (mostly from the Modification page)

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Official Porsche Stuff

Dr.Ing.h.c.F.Porsche AG - International
Who doesn’t have this link in their site? So like the feeble lemmings the Disney folks chased over the edge, I’ll fall in with the rest and add this link.

Porsche Design Official Site
So first there’s the original Porsche that designs the Beetle (the car, not the singing group). Later his son forms the company (the link above) that makes Porsche the car, and even later his son’s son forms Porsche Design. Products from here would include really expensive sunglasses, for example.

Porsche Motorsport North Amercia
As in, Porsche Motorsport North Amercia

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