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This page has assorted links that for some reason I feel are significant enough to establish links with.

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Gigi’s Chocolates & Desserts
mmmm... chocolates....

Emma The Bavarian Babe
It’s not even close to what you’re thinking. It’s my friends’ 14- (and counting) month-old. This is another EMan site.

Opera Babe
This site has someone a little bit older than Emma, but just as pretty. It’s maintained by Luca, a buddy of mine.

My friend Luca’s site from Germany.

Dilbert Welcome to the Dilbert Zone®
Look Into My Eyes... One of my all-time favorite comic strip (up there with Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes). There’s a one-week (or so) delay, but it’s still funny.

Apple Computers
Think Different(ly).

More Apple news/rumours.

As the Apple Turns
My favorite net-based soap opera about Apple and the computer industry.

Apple Museum
An Apple Museum? Sure -- why not?

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Weird, Geeky Stuff

Atomic Clock Time Cover Page
Get the exact time from the web.

Satellite Visibility - Home Page
Check out what’s flying above you.

The Sybaritic Corporation - Kasparov vs Deeper Blue, Match 1997
THE GAME OF THE CENTURY. See hard hitting moves! Watch Deeper Blue give Kasparov the rope-a-dope! Check out Kasparov at the two-minute drill!

IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States
Yes, Tricky Dicky and Bubba are both there.

Center for the Easily... well, you can check it out yourself.

Episode Guide
ST Voyager episodes.

megaConverter’s Home Page
How about a site that converts everything, including car-related stuff?

Cool interactive magic (could be gone now... 1/1/00)
Finally, how about a magic page? I got yelled at by friends when I couldn’t figure it out. I thought it was magic.

The Death Test 
Who could resist such a title?

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