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So I ask you, dear reader, is it a bad thing to refer to one’s self in the third person?


None on line.



January: none

February: none

March: First Drive — EMan’s first adventure in Deutschland begins.

April: Bahn Storming — What driving on the autobahn really means to an American.

May: Esperanto 6000 GT — The culture and characters of cars and their countries.

June: On The Autobahn, No One Can Hear You Scream — EMan gives his thoughts on living in Bavaria.

July: Die Grüne Hölle — EMan’s adventures in the BMW Nürburgring driving school.

August: aahhhh.... — EMan and Cargirl bahnstorm through Germany behind the wheel of a Porsche 996. Is this place great, or what?

September: A Novel Idea — EMan wonders if he can borrow a random, best-selling author’s ability to make a lot of money.

October: Ships That Pass In The Night — Where’s my car, gosh darn it!

November: Faulenzing — EMan gets lazy and writes nothing this month.

December: Snow Place Like Home — Cars and Christmas, and a 944 out on the Autobahn.



January: Titanic — Getting pudgy means a slower car.

February: Day Tripper — EMan reminisces about his childhood from a long, long, long time ago, and wonders where the music has gone.

March: none

April: none

May: Please Don’t Push the Daisies — Some Time to Kill.

June: none

July: Repeaters Never Win — So there I was... getting ready to move back from Germany. Who has time to write at a time like this?

August: Sweet Home Michigan — You can come home again, but you may not want to.

September: Frankfurt Autoshow — EMan can’t stay away from Germany, so he flies back for a few days.

October: none (what a lazy writer!)

November: Eat, Drink And Be Merry, For Tomorrow You Diet — EMan discusses time, like the time he dissed Freeman Thomas, whoever that is.

December: none (the start of something big?)



January: none

February: excuses

March: excuses

April: excuses

May: excuses

June: First Things First — Look! An article! EMan loses his mind and volunteers for the Bahn Stormer editor job again, while stylin’ in his... Honda (!?).

July: Red, Hot + Blue Vacation — I get my kicks on Route 66, with a little help from Cole Porter.

August: no title — ‘E’ stands for environ-mental. EMan gets all green, but for good reasons.

September: more excuses

October: Flash — Jumping Back, Jack! — EMan moves... back to Germany, because of a girl.

November: Take This Car And Park It — EMan discusses his BIGGEST pet peeve in Germany.

December: more laziness



January: none

Frebruary: none

March: none

April: Are You TÜV Enough? — EMan pays a lot of money to register his car in Germany, and is told to like it.

May: If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be The Citroën Museum — A description of various museums in Germany (and a little red one in Italy).

June: Parlez-Vous? — Sprechen Sie deutsch? A short course in the language of beer.

July: Left-Hand Rules — EMan can’t find the gear shift, and generally complains about all European drivers.

August: none - EMan goes on vacation

September: none

October: none

November: none

December: none



January: none

February: Euro The One That I Want — Everything you wanted to know about the Euro, but didn’t have a clue about.

March: Vacate The Premises — Americans work too much, and don’t even realise it, according to studies.

April: Slightly Courageous Now-Improved World — EMan changes the focus of his articles. This will no longer be going into the Bahn Stormer, the Porsche club newsletter that he (well, I, since that’s me) created. That’s why you see the horizontal line just above this.

May: Driven — An American look at the European public transportation system.

June: Article Of Truth — My pseudo-tribute to Douglas Adams, the late author who gave us Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

July: As The Wheel Turns — I reveal one of my passions—things made out of black rubber.

August: Luke-Warm City Nights — How hot is Regensburg? Not hot enough for me.

September: Horse And Carriage — Love and Marriage— EMan gets hitched to the love of his life, and it’s not a 944.

October: Auto Hell — I talk about more things I don’t like about having a car in Germany.




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