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Beretta/Chevrolet Links

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Beretta Enthusiasts

BerettaFest Site
Lost the link on this one. I’ll have to find it again.

www.beretta.net new
It’s one of the best overall Beretta sites, in my humble opinion.

beretta.startkabel.nl new
A site from the Netherlands about Berettas. Gotta like that!

A site called www.chevyberetta.com? I have to include them.

BerettaFest West
Here’s Sarah’s site on her Beretta, which includes pictures from the 1998 BerettaFest West. There weren’t a lot of cars, but at least they got together.

GTZ Beretta - 2.3 liter Quad 4
A doctor’s perspective of his 1990 GTZ. This includes a .WAV file of his Quad Roar.

fwd KW Z26’s Beretta
Keith White’s Beretta Z26. All right, so it’s not a GTZ. Still, he’s an enthusiast, and he is also maintaining a GM FWD Performance page. Click on the icon to the right to go to his GM FWD Performance web site.

Brandon Taylor’s 1990 GTZ with audio (and other) modifications that probably exceed the cost of my car. I wonder if his goes faster with the added weight. Is he losing measurable hp when he cranks up the tunes? Does anybody else care except for me?

Beretta GTZ
I’m including this page because it’s in French and English. Gotta love those crazy Canadians. This one happens to be from Marc with an unpronounceable last name.

Ron’s Beretta Search
Will Ron ever find the Beretta GTZ of his dreams? How long can he hold out? Find out this continuing saga of the search for true love. Or something like that.

Scott’s Website
This another fellow GTZ owner’s site.

Phil’s Car
Um... Phil’s car.

BerettaNet - The Chevy Beretta Owners Group
This also has the BerettaList email group, from which I was moderated out (they have no sense of humour). It’s still a good site for a Beretta owner, though. Just be prepared for hundreds of e-mails. (This site has gone off-line 1/1/99. Try this one: ONElist | E-mail Communities)

I haven’t ordered from them (yet), but they did send me an interesting list of GTZ / Quad-4 modifications. By the way, if that text is too small to read, their phone number is 330/549-3188, and they’re in the Cleveland area.


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