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The Horde Fest

Once Is Never Enough
(photo by Cargirl Nov-1998)

This is Cargirl’s current stable of rides, captured on a lovely Michigan drought-enhanced fall day. (This would be two 320s and an R60. The Mad Bavarian [left] would be the one that’s not Reseda Green.)

Cargirl happens to be a really nice person who also likes cars. And motorcycles. And airplanes. And gliders. (I’ll have to ask her about trains.) Plus she’s pretty and single. Now having said all that, I think that I’ve ensure myself that she’s hired a Bavarian hit squad to come after me for these comments (she’s also modest -- she told me herself).

(Hiring a hit squad doesn’t seem to fall into the “nice” category, but don’t forget that she’s still a woman after all. And fortunately, Bavarian hit squads are easy to spot in their Alpine hats and lederhosen, so I’m not too worried.)

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Snow Place Like Home

Water Winter Wonder Land
(photo by EMan Dec-1998)

Cargirl fussing over her steed on a wintery Detroit morning. It’s just snow, fer cryin’ out loud! (Actually, she’s checking out the Roundel on the hood.)

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Odo - Isn’t He On DS9?

Room 222,222
(photo by Cargirl)

That’s the mileage on the Mad Bavarian -- 222,2222 miles (none of that km stuff for this car!). I’m impressed because:

  1. it takes both my cars to beat this number, and
  2. because she got such a clear shot of it.

My odometer shots always turn out blurry.

But for goodness sake -- get some gas for this car! And make it high octane -- no cheap stuff tonight. We’re going to party like it’s, well, 250,000!

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