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All I Want for Christmas...

light Note: As of 30-Oct-2000, I am no longer updating these BMW pages because I finally put my Honda Civic pages together.
Well, I may add a thing or two now and then, as I collect more information. However, don’t expect a lot. light

I Finally Saw One !! Okay—it was in the Frankfurt Autoshow, but it was still the real deal ! Click on F1 Pictures on the left to see it.

Herzlich Willkommen

Actually, I don’t own a BMW. I include these pages only because I’m in the BMW Car Club of America (BMW[space]CCA). Or at least I was. I’m still waiting for my friend Kyle to decide that he really wants to give me a good deal on his 1998 black, 4-door E36 M3. It’s either that, or an Isetta.

However, it seems as if there’s a lot of interest on the McLaren F1, although the chances of you or me getting one is slightly worse than 94,000,000 to 1. Therefore, as a sort of public service to the web community, I’ll try and fill up a few pages of McLaren carbon-fibre bits.

First of all, I don’t consider the McLaren a BMW, just as I don’t consider the DeTomaso Pantera a Ford. The analogy is the same. Would you call Carroll Shelby’s new Series 1 (if and when it gets built) your Father’s Oldsmobile, since it has a version of the Aurora engine in it?

Finally, just don’t ask me why I have the McLaren on my BMW pages, and we’ll get along just fine.)

McLaren Info

Now that I’ve stated my opinion on the subject, let’s talk about McLaren’s F1. Since I don’t have first hand info on this, I’ve decided to condense a few magazine articles for you under the menu item “Articles” (clever name, eh?).

Second, for even more info, check out: Motor Madness - McLaren F1. I found this to be one of the best site for the F1.

The Pictures section that I have here are actually about BMWs— mostly from friends. I’ve been on the lookout for this car in Europe, but I haven’t seen one yet.

The BMW Models section is an incomplete guide to BMW models after the Second World War. I’m (slowly) working on it.

And for those with real money, I saw an F1 for sale in AutoWeek back in November 1998. It was going for a mere $800,000. Not bad for a 217 mph car (August 1998 Road & Track). I had originally thought this was the only F1 in the States, but a friend in Miami told me otherwise. He’s seen four down there. <Insert your own Miami punchline here.>

updated (July 4, 1999) -- So this is what someone e-mailed me. He tells me that there’s actually six Ameritech McLarens in the United States, two of which are owned by Ralph Lauren (presumably to match whatever outfit he happens to be wearing.) He also says that while redline will take it to 217 mph, it’s capable of 230 mph. Now, as this person is from the military, and since no one in the military will ever lie to a civilian, I’ll have to believe him.

(October 11, 1999) -- Then there’s the sighting from my friend when they saw the GT races at Laguna Seca at the end of 1998. Someplace along Silicon Valley was a pimply-faced kid driving a McLaren around. I don’t know if I really wanted to hear that.


In addition to these pages, I have information on other car-related topics. For example, if you want to see the BMW, Ferrari or Porsche museums, check out my Travel pages.

For pictures of cars I've seen in Europe (Elise, 959, F40, etc.), Pony Express race, or Nürburgring driving school, check out my Cars section.

(weekend miles only!)

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