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There’s really no redeeming value for this page (or the rest of the site, for that matter), but I just thought I’d share my favorites. Dave L.’s already cornered the market on Top Ten lists, and since eleven is my favorite number, I decided to one-up him.

BTW: These may change occasionally.

Top 11 Good Things About An Autobahn Traffic Jam

The A6 to Munich
(EMan Aug-98)
Typical Saturday Autobahn Morning - A9 to Munich. Note the brake lights.

11. You can stop and smell the edelweiss.

10. You can join the other motorists for an autobahn picnic.

9. You don’t have to move for the BMW who’s still flashing his lights behind you.

8. Have family portraits taken over by the photo-radar unit.

7. You can walk over to the Audi driver that’s been annoying you and smack him upside the head.

6. After driving so fast on the autobahn, now that you’ve stopped it feels like time is moving backwards, and you can feel yourself getting younger.

5. More time to drink beer and eat sausages.

4. Prove that Darwin was wrong when it comes to construction workers.

3. Get a chance to look at all of the speed limit signs you missed because you were driving too fast.

2. You have time to adjust your leder unter-hosen.

1. You can’t get a speeding ticket.

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Top 11 Car-Lust List

11. McLaren F1 - the original $1,000,000 GT car (but it has to be a boring silver)

10. Porsche 550 Spyder / BMW 507 roadster

9. Tie: Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 / Renault Alpine (or check this site)

(Road & Track just did a “Salon” on the Alfa Romeo in their Feb 1999 issue—I may have to move it up a few notches.)

(Stop the Presses! AutoWeek [Feb. 1, 1999] just did a piece on the Tipo 33 Stradale, too! It was the same car as featured in Road & Track, but so what. And it was mentioned in eUROPEAN cAR’s Jan 1999 30th anniversary issue. It may even be in Sports Car Illustrated, but I accidently let that subscription run out, so I won’t really know.)

8. Lamborghini Muria 

7. Porsche 928 S4 and later (the car only Kermit and I could love)

6. Acura NSX

5. Porsche 944 Turbo (but I’m not biased at all)

4. Jaguar E-Type Convertible (I’m such a sap)

3. Ferrari Dino 206GT (I think I just had a hot flash)

2. Lotus Elise

1. Mercedes Vision SLR / Silver Arrow

It’s true—sensuous curves, whether on cars or women, get me everytime. But with women, I find their mind and personality just as important. Well, at least as far as you know.

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Top 11 Positive Numbers Less Than 10

11. 9

10. 0

9. 8

8. E

7. Tie: 5 and 2

6. 4

5. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950... (cont.)

4. 1

3. 7

2. 3

1. 11 (My list—I can make my own rules)

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Top 11 Albums (CDs)

11. Bob Seger / Greatest Hits (I have to pick him—he’s a Detroit [Ann Arbor] homeboy)

10. Annie Lennox / Medusa

9. Basia / Time and Tide

8. Blondie / Parallel Lines

7. David Benoit / Every Step You Take (who?)

6. Alanis Morrisette / Jagged Little Pill (the songs were overplayed, but I still like them)

5. Billy Squire / In The Dark

4. Barenaked Ladies / Gordon (even if that one song was overplayed on the radio)

3. Boston (their first album)

2. They Might Be Giants / Flood (or any of their other CDs is okay, too)

1. George Winston / December

These aren’t necessarily my favorite groups or artists, although I obviously like them all. These are just the albums that I like to play all the way through.

Can you remember those shiny, round vinyl platters? If you answer yes, then there’s a good chance you were born prior to 1980.

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Top 11 Driving Songs

(in no particular order this time)

11. Ugly / Violent Femmes

10. Hard to Handle / Black Crowes

9. Train In Vain / The Clash (or Annie Lennox’s version from “Medusa”)

8. Straight Life / Bobby Goldsboro

7. Closer / Nine Inch Nails

6. Roam / B-52s

5. Wildest Dreams / Moody Blues

4. Walking On the Sun / Smash Mouth

3. Tempted / Squeeze

2. Life Is A Highway / Tom Cochrane

1. Shelter / Cinderella

Eleven can’t do justice to a list like this. What are your faves? E-Mail me here: and I’ll compile a “readers’ survey” list.

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