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Page updated: January 23, 2002

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Why, Oh, Why?

Why make a web site? Why not. Besides, I’m a compulsive organizer. My CDs are in alphabetical order (by musical category), my white socks have their own drawer, and I eat M&Ms by color (but doesn’t everybody?). This does not mean, however, that I’m anal-retentive, because that would imply that I actually KEEP everything organized.

So, in my umpteenth iteration of this site (v3.5), I’m still inflicting my cars on unwary Browsers of the Net, but arranged differently. However, until I figure out how to make a fortune with this Web thing, or get asked to become a foreign correspondent to an exotic car magazine, my site is still about cars and driving. (Even worse, I’ve included vacation pictures.) But mostly this is my current creative outlet. And if I ever get a creative idea, it’s going straight to this site.

I will be making a non-framed version available at the same time I make a German version of this site. (Please start holding your breath now.) Also, any clever or witty comments encountered on this site is purely accidental, but the author will certainly take full credit for them anyway.

But when all is said and done, I do this just to amuse myself.

If you have any comments, please either e-mail me or sign the guestbook. Thanks!


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Site Description

There are four general areas in this site:

Cars: This describes my cars, and what I do with them. However, as this site is rated for General Audiences, these descriptions have been edited somewhat. As you can see from the Overview above, there’s quite a variety in this section.

Travel: I describe some of the places I’ve visited (or want to visit). This includes museums, factories parks, and cities. There are general information about each place, and I’ve tried to include maps, accomodations, phone numbers, etc., whenever possible. It’s the biggest section on this site.

Musings: I write a monthly column for a Porsche club newsletter, the BahnStormer, for the Rally Sport Region (Detroit, MI). Someone told me Hemingway started out this way. (That would be Bert Hemingway, I believe.)

Links: This is a consolidation of links within my site to other sites out there.

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System Requirements

I tried my best to get around it, but you’ll still need a computer and a monitor to view this site. I’ve tried to design it for monitors from 640 x480 to 800 x 600, but like the most perpetuated myth in life, bigger is better. (Would the person who used the 2500 x 1600 monitor to view my site back in 1999 please stand up and take a bow.)

Any browser that recognizes Javascript would be the best, but not necessary. As with any sites, using the latest, greatest browser this side of the Federation is usually best—even the Borg’s browser, Internet Exploder. However, I test this site with Netscape’s Communicator 4.5+, and occasionally with iCab.

[Update: I have recently designated Netscape Communicator as Evil Incarnate. If you could use another browser, that would be very nice. Thanks.]

I wish browsers would get their act together so this (and other) site(s) would look consistent!

I also wish I would learn CSS so this website would be more consistent. *Sigh.*

And of course, it will look much better if viewed on any Macintosh, like a colored iMac (an iMac of color) or an El Capitan G3/G4. Then you wouldn’t have those horrid Windows fonts, and everything will fit in their little boxes like they’re supposed to. This site is beautiful—on a Mac.

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Getting Around

(Not too often, these days.) Clicking on the “EMan’s World” logo in the upper left will always get you to the home page. Otherwise, it’s just like any other website out there. If you haven’t figured those out yet, then I’m impressed that you’ve actually made it this far.

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Mac Attack

Made On A MacThis site was designed and created using an Apple PowerBook 1400c/166 with a Newer Technology 250 Mhz G3 processor upgrade (now a Sonnet 400 Mhz G3), and assorted other hardware goodies, like a 230Mb magneto-optical (MO) internal drive from VST.

I originally used Adobe PageMill (2.0-3.0) (bleah!) and PhotoShop (6.0); Deneba’s Canvas (v3.5 & 6.0); and Yves Piguet’s freeware GifBuilder v0.5 (for animated GIFs). I tried GoLive 5.0 as well, but now I’m relying more on BBEDIT, a simple text editor, to do the HTML coding. That’s because my goal is now HTML 4.01-compliant pages, instead of rendering it in a really specific way.

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Mac Attack Times 4

G4 MobiusBook 1400c/166 As of February 2000, the trusty PB1400 has been superseded. I still have it, and I’m now using a Lucent Orinoco Gold card to communicate to my main computer using IEEE 802.11b (or AirPort or WiFi).

The main computer is now a 350 MHz G4 (AGP) with 512 MB RAM, ZIP, two hard drives—10 GB and 60 GB and an AirPort card. I finally got an ATI Radeon (AGP) for it, but I don’t really know if it was worth the trouble. But like cars, souping up a computer is as much fun as it is psychological. Come on—just exactly how much horsepower is that new K&N air filter getting you? Two? Five? Can you feel it? Not really, but if makes you feel good that it’s in there, doesn’t it? I thought so.

It’s a fun little machine.

(Okay—I seem to buy more Apples than I can keep track off on this page. You can click the Toys to check out the iBook I’m currently using, and whatever other toys I may be playing with.)

Made On A Mac

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This Site Was Designed and Built on a Macintosh

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