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Who Am I?

I am the EMan— koo-koo koo-choo. No wait—that’s wrong.

Unfortunately, I’m just a guy who likes cars and has too much time on his hands. No fashion model or movie star here. I was exiled in January 1998 to Germany for 18 months, forced to drive my Porsche really fast on the autobahns and on the race track called Nürburgring. Fortunately, I was able to escape and return to Detroit, Michigan. I’m also an INFJ, if anyone cares. (That is, if presumably you knew what that means.) I also believe that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.

(Quick Note: I’m back in Germany for three more years, until September 2003. What some people will do for love, I tell ya.)

Super Powers

Alas, each day I wake up and discover that I have... none. Super powers, that is. So, instead of fighting crime while wearing colorful tights, I’ve had to take a day job as an engineer. I won’t say in what field or for what company in case someone out there wants to sue me for something. Please note: I have no money.

What Were We Talking About?

But enough of my favorite topic—me. I’ll leave you with a few words of wisdom (or whatever you call it) from me and some famous people I hang out with.

“Too much of a good thing is even better.” — EMan
“I swear I didn’t make that up!” — EMan
“Would you mind holding this box for me?” — Ted Kaczynski, Unabomber
“Of course it’s safe! As an engineer, I wouldn’t let the public fly in this thing without extensive testing. Now, if you’ll excuse me, that was a long flight over the Atlantic. I need a smoke.” — Prof. Dr. Dipl. Ing. Von Hindenburg
“Lost? What makes you think we’re lost? I know exactly where we are!” — Moses (Lost Book of Exodus)
“But honey, we had Bill for dinner last night.” — Donner party survivor
“I have this great financial plan. All you need is a big piece of rock. Then just go find three or four friends with rocks and get them to give you a piece. Pretty soon, there will be a big network of people with rocks, and we’ll all be rich!” — The Pharoah Cheops
“Body guards? I don’t need any bodyguards.” — Jimmy Hoffa (oops—this one’s real.)

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