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Page created: January 1, 1999

With a few of exceptions, everything on this site is original content from me. The couple of exceptions have been altered by me, hence I consider them to be “new” art. Then there are the Lotus Elise pictures...


This is the official site of EMan’s World, and NOTHING ELSE.

This is not an official site for anything else (like Porsche, BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, McLaren, Apple (Macintosh), East German Women’s Swim Team and Ballerina Squad, Alpina, Ruf—well, you get the picture). Their names and trademarks are their own.

Nor is this an Unofficial Site for anything. The opinions expressed on this site are entirely my own and others’ that I think are my own. Information that look like facts have most likely been made up by me. If any information turns out to be inaccurate due to typing error, then “oops.” In other words, Caveat Surfer—Browser Beware. Please don’t sue me—I have no money.

Information obtained from this site is free, but only with credit to its source, and a link back to this site if it is reproduced on the web. All other rights reserved.

I have no idea why people always write disclaimers on their site, but like the lemming that I am, I have one, too. Besides, I don’t want to get sued (see above).

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Page created: January 1, 1999