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Long Live the Euro

The Deutschemark, the franc, the lira-- they’re all dead. They have been replaced by the Euro (€). You can read my February 2002 Left Lane article on this issue.

What I am presenting here are the exchange rates before the previous national currencies were replaced. Note that they are calculated using six significant digits.

If you would like so see additional information about the euro, please

Reference: The Euro - Europe's New Currency

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Exchange Rates

Country Rate
Austria (Schilling) 13.7603 ATS / EUR
Belgium (Franc) 40.3399 BEF / EUR
Finland (Markka) 5.94573 FIM / EUR
France (Franc) 6.55957 FRF / EUR
Germany (Deutschemark) 1.95583 DEM / EUR
Greece (Drachma) 340.750 GRD / EUR
Ireland (Pound) 0.787564 IEP/ EUR
Italy (Lira) 1936.27 ITL / EUR
Luxemburg (Franc) 40.3399 LUF / EUR
Netherlands (Guilder) 2.20371 NLG / EUR
Portugal (Escudo) 200.482 PTE / EUR
Spain (Peseta) 166.386 ESP / EUR
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